The Willows Podcast is now accepting submissions for weird radio dramas.

We will pay $25 for any eldritch tale that might be told by gentlemen around a club hearth, or in a Gold-Rush cabin, or by half-mad old whalers in a Nantucket lighthouse.

Tales may be submitted in script or short-story form. Shunn manuscript format is required.

Before submitting, understand the following:

1) Weird fiction does not mean “stories that are weird.”
Weird fiction is a specific genre. If you are unfamiliar with this genre, familiarize yourself.

2) All stories must be set prior to 1939.
Victorian tales are our ideal, but Jazz-Age stories may pass. In any case, stay true to the period.

What We Adore

  • eerie fireside memories of nature’s deadly mystery
  • adventures among the aether, the ephemera, the spirit realm
  • tragedies of mad academics who take science too far
  • warnings of monstrosities that lurk in the sea, in the air, beneath the ground
  • stories of strange mechanical devices that imply uncanny worlds

Please send all such tales of the otherworldly to house3lackwood at gmail dot com.

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